Events held on the island of ischia

Ischia, experienced through its festivals, country fairs and cultural exhibitions, is the island of events.

The island of Ischia is very lively.

Its size, the presence of six different municipalities, the different local traditions make it a territory where there is always a festival, a cultural gathering or a wide-ranging event. Considering the countless number of events, it is impossible to mention them all, however the most important are specified below.

The sea festival on the rocks celebrating the Festival of Saint Anna is held on 26th July in Ischia Ponte; it originated in ancient times as an intimate religious ceremony, nowadays the festival is now considered one of the events that attracts the most tourists to the Campania Region. What characterises it is the allegorical boat parade that takes place at the foot of the Aragonese Castle. This is a truly unique spectacle to witness and thousands of people watch this event both from the mainland and from the sea.

There are two international film festivals that take place between July and August: Ischia Film Festival that is held in the Aragonese Castle and the Ischia Global Fest in Lacco Ameno. There are free film screenings, conferences and big stars from the world of cinema for the Ischia Global Fest; short-film competitions, film screenings, meetings with actors and directors – that can be attended after buying tickets – for the Ischia Film Festival.

The Ischia International Journalism Award is also held in summer; this event awards the greatest names of the world press, television and web, with press conferences focusing on current social-political topics and ending with an evening show.

The “Andar per Cantine” (Visiting the Wine Cellars) food and wine festival held in September and is organised by the municipality of Forio, takes a tour of the wine cellars, with wine tasting sessions and ecological walks; day tickets are available.

The “Sagra del Baccalà” (Dried salt cod Festival) that is held in Ischia Ponte at Christmas and the New Year: traditionally-fried salt cod, roast chestnuts and fine wine to celebrate together in the streets enjoying music and merriment.

All year round, Ischia Ponte proposes various events in pursuit of good food: chefs working away in over steaming-hot stoves, stands displaying local food and wine products; local artistic craft products with basket makers and embroiderers at work; music events with performances by folk, pop, rock and jazz groups alongside dancing in the square and a great deal of enjoyment; there are also painting, photography and sculpture exhibitions.

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  • Events held on the island of ischia

    Events held on the island of ischia

    Ischia, experienced through its festivals, country fairs and cultural exhibitions, is the island of events.